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Last summer
Por Teresa Martins (Professora), em 2013/11/291267 leram | 0 comentários | 231 gostam
Reminding her last summer, Ana Beatriz tells us proudly the ups of her holidays.
Last summer I went to the Algarve with my cousins.
We stayed in a hotel in Portimão. It had many things that people could do such as: playing table tennis, going to the beach, going to the swimming pool, playing golf, etc.
Every morning my cousins and I went to the beach and before lunch we went to the swimming pool. After lunch I went sunbathing with my aunt and my older cousin, while my other cousins were sleeping.
In the afternoon we went to the swimming pool and played a lot of games. At night we always had dinner at restaurants and, after that, we went shopping and sightseeing.
I loved my week in the Algarve. It was a great fun! I hope that I will go next year too!

Ana Beatriz Machado 8.ºB


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